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Our history

The start

It’s March 1, 2003, and Peter Rademakers has just laid down his role as Chief Development Officer (CDO) and boardroom member at Ordina. It was time for something new. Together, Peter and his wife Jacqueline start Motion5. They don’t have an office space, so they simply start in their spare room. What they do have is a clear vision of commercial excellence.

Going international

Over the years, we focused increasingly on larger, international clients and have now worked on over 250 international commercial excellence projects. More about our current clients? Click here.

Our approach

Change is not one-dimensional; therefore, neither is change management. A well-functioning organization is more than the sum of its parts. And thus, when we want an organization to move, we have to get it’s people to move. This is why Motion5 has always believed in an integral approach, and front and center in this approach is our very own Model of change. This model describes what we consider to be the most important elements of an organization for commercial excellence and change: strategy & vision, process & structure, skills, mindset, and leadership.


Because commercial excellence is not just about skills. Our integral approach and cutting edge, science-based programs have the ability to change your organization in such a way that in the end, all you have to do is sell (and yes, we will teach you how to do that as well). In 2008 Frijke Weeda (Managing Director and organizational psychologist) joined the team, adding her scientific background. As a psychologist and as a person, Frijke is uniquely capable of challenging and connecting people without losing sight of the bigger picture: your organization.


Although Motion5 started in Woerden, we are currently based in Mijdrecht. In our completely modernized and beautiful office building, we offer two separate in-house training facilities.


Above all, we look straight ahead. We work with a passionate and diverse team that improves the commercial excellence of organizations by empowering their people to change. Today, we are more ambitious than ever.