As frontrunner and world leader on the orthopedic market, Biomet was focused on the innovation and development of new technologies. They specialized in the development and manufacturing of replacement implants of hip, knee, shoulder and elbow joints affected by arthritis. Today, Biomet goes by Zimmer Biomet and delivers products to 100 countries with over 8,500 employees worldwide.

What was it like to work with Motion5?

What was the situation?

We go back to late 2006. Renaat returned from an assignment in Spain and became VP of Commercial Operations. In a then growing market (14%), Biomet was also growing (7-10%), though less so than the market.

Renaat says: “… Biomet was made up of 19 different little kingdoms, each with their own work methods and interpretations of the rules. That sometimes led to unbelievable situations, with local projects being executed in ways so different than intended by corporate, you wouldn’t believe it!

I came to the conclusion that we were in need of a uniform method. Motion5 began by determining the status quo, by using the Organizational Scan. This meant over 50 in-depth interviews and dozens of online participants. That scan revealed so much, and my decision was made: let’s undertake action!

Motion5 came at the right time. A need for change was at hand, and Motion5 had the necessary expertise. We soon saw our first success. In the end, Biomet and Motion5 worked together closely for more than seven years.


Why Motion5?

” … We soon found out that all those little kingdoms each had a fortress with a big moat that could not be taken overnight! Motion5 had an innovative, tailor-made approach—solutions that were not simply copied from other cases. They made sure that our people came to see that collaborating and participating in the project was the best choice, and benefited both their local organization and the group.

Motion5 brought sustainability, by repeatedly brining the same message in a fitting (regional) way. At every occasion, the Sales Excellence Roadmap returned. This is the essence of strong change management. It’s almost like administering a placebo: you constantly tend to a patient, and it will make them feel (and do) better.

The fact that so many people were constantly focused on sales had an incredible effect. Motion5 (in collaboration with our teams, of course) showed what it means to be part of the clients’ business.


A true partnership

The word partnership is often misused. A real partner is someone who is in the same boat with you. That has always been your approach. So involved, you worked with us on our direct business! Also, Motion5 has never worked for a competitor. That speaks to high integrity and loyalty. It was a symbiosis…”


Most important results of working with Motion5

“… Those are spectacular! A lot has happened in the many years of collaboration with Motion5 (2007-2014). We became part of a private equity, rationalization programs were set up, R&D & clinical affairs were centralized.

From No.5 to No.3 in Europe. It’s impossible to directly connect our success to a single factor. What I do know is that in two years, we took our core business from a No.5 to a No.3 position in Europe. Moving up two places in a conservative market like orthopedics is something I’ve never seen any other competitor do!

Strong Performance Culture. In the beginning, the difference was made by having 110 senior and middle managers walk through the Enhanced Professional Attitude (EPA) program. That helped us prepare the teams for the necessary change, by changing the teams’ mindsets! They learned how to work from a consensus when make decisions surrounding business dilemmas. And they can build a performance culture by giving each other constructive feedback. That was critical!

The real shift within Biomet took place during those first 10-12 months. I haven’t missed a single session…”



Organizational Scan, Lead to Contract, EPA, CCA, Sportsman, CORE Selling Skills


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