Pentair Valves & Controls

In 2015, Pentair has an annual revenue of $6.4 billion and 30,000 employees worldwide. Pentair Valves & Controls, one of the business units, is a global leader in designing and delivering high-quality valves and control products for flow management solutions. They deliver these solutions to the most demanding industries, like power, including nuclear, mining, process, oil and gas, while focusing on the entire life cycle and creating safer, more efficient, and durable solutions.

What was the situation?

At the time of our collaboration this component was still called Tyco Valves & Controls, which was part of the greater Tyco International. Frido Langedijk was Vice President Global Sales Development. One of the goals was to elevate the sales team to an even higher level.

“…At first, the thought process was: we must do something with account and opportunity management. After holding conversations with Motion5, we decided to first determine what our Best Practices are, and where we fall short. We wanted to establish a solid base and create a buy-in for a combined approach. We performed a Tyco-specific Organizational Scan with a questionnaire and an analysis focused on process, tools, mindset and skills across fifteen different commercial dimensions.

A worldwide project in a very short period of time:

100 key persons from America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa participated in the online questionnaire. 41 people were interviewed in 3 time zones. And all that in a time frame of 6 weeks.

Why Motion5?

“…I had the feeling that Motion5 knew what they were talking about. Decisive and brief. References from international companies also helped to make our choice.

My gut feeling was right: Motion5 immediately understood what I wanted and interpreted it well. We didn’t get vague stories from consultants who don’t have a good understanding of the market.

In collaboration with me, Motion5 has really brought the story of commercial excellence to the public. Pragmatic, without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Motion5 stands out from the rest. They’re approachable, they always have a high sense of urgency, and they achieve results quickly by improving matters that produce results right away…!”

Most important results?

  • A deal is a deal. Without the need to stay on top of them, and no excuses. Motion5 proactively delivered on their promises: good work, and on time.
  • Driver of change. Motion5 has been the instigator and driver of change, and has convinced everyone with their data and analysis: we must undertake action!
  • Basis for education. The basis established by Motion5 has been developed into a large-scale educational program over the past four years…”


Organizational Scan

Consultants involved