Lars Marowsky and Bas Nederlof (Sectra) share their experience on the collaboration with Motion5.

To start with, could you tell us a bit about your company – Sectra?

Sectra is a global operating IT company with two large divisions in Healthcare and Secure Communications. Our core business in healthcare includes interdisciplinary management of medical images and information. Our solutions enable hospitals to work and collaborate more efficiently and keep doing so tomorrow through providing future-proof solutions.


How would you describe the purpose of the collaboration with Motion5?

Our successes in the BeNeLux and DACH regions have inspired our ambitions to grow business in these areas substantially. To be able to do so, we identified a need to improve our approach to growing our business. We were all doing things in our own ways and, while successful, we needed to standardize our operations to facilitate growth. It was important to grow our opportunity pipeline and improve our opportunity and deal management. We started with SPORTSMAN and expanded our collaboration with a number of projects, including Lead Generation, Negotiation and Lead2Contract, where we implement cross-functional organizational changes.


How would you describe Motion5 to another company?

Three words that describe Motion5 are structured, professional and committed. During our first interactions with Motion5 we were captured by a senior understanding of sales processes and their structured way of approaching a market. There is no vague advice but only clear statements and actions. They are truly committed to co-achieving the goals we set out for ourselves. Although Motion5 is an external party, working with them feels like working with colleagues with the same priorities and endpoints in mind.


What are your most important learnings from the program?

Sales is not an art; it has a structure. The programs helped us to really focus on the important things and to be prepared throughout the commercial process, whether it’s for review meetings, customer interactions, proposals or any other milestone. The clear structure and content help us measure and monitor progress and performance and show us when each function is involved and what is expected. Having this not only in our minds, but also on paper and captured in our CRM ensures we keep following all necessary steps. We will definitely continue to make these learnings part of our DNA.


What was the biggest impact you noticed so far?

We have studied marketing, but we never implemented a marketing strategy to the full extent. Giving it a structure that people, from marketing and sales down to deployment, can rely on is what enabled this change to be successful. When we bring change into the organization, not everyone is happy with that, because we are challenging the people in the organization. Therefore, it is important to have a good underlying model that makes you believe this will work. For us, it was very clear that Motion5’s philosophy made sense and combined with their experience made us trust that this was the way forward.


What were the most important results Sectra achieved with this program?

It may be too early to quantify the success of our collaboration, but it is clear that we can expect more tangible results. For example, our Lead Generation campaign for the DACH cluster has already added more opportunities to our pipeline. Win rates will definitely increase. For the Benelux, we clearly see more confidence and pro-activeness in our team. This has strengthened our position within the organization and the market.


How did your teams react to the program?

At first, team members felt as if they would receive yet another sales training. This notion was soon abandoned when they saw that this was not just a training, but a helpful program that has a positive impact on their way of work and success. What really helped here was that we were aligned with management first, before we involved the teams. That way we made sure that the teams would have the best support for the pending changes.


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