Achmea Corporate Relations

Achmea Corporate Relations (ACR) is part of Achmea and focuses on businesses with more than 500 employees, trade associations, umbrella organizations and social partners.
Services are provided for these clients at a corporate level, so there is one point of contact for all services and products that Achmea can deliver as a business concern. ACR takes on the role of director.

What was the situation?

ACR is mainly responsible for cementing existing relationships and developing new big business relationships. They bundle the individual products and services from the divisions together into appealing concepts. Achmea Corporate Relationships strives to be the strategic partner for big-business Holland.

Due to the high level of independence within sectors, valuable information sometimes gets lost. ACR had been trying to establish how they could best organize an exchange of knowledge. To explore opportunities there was a necessity of having impact on boardroom level. Marieke is responsible for one of these sectors: healthcare. On the initiative of manager Peter Wouters, she, together with the team, has participated in various different Motion5 trainings.

Why Motion5?

“… When I first came into contact with Motion5 I thought: ‘Okay, these young women, are they really going to tell me what I should be able to do?’ But I soon recognized that you actually have a great deal of knowledge, and you are capable of applying that theoretical knowledge to real-life situations too.

When it comes to the things Motion5 told us, it was clear: this is well-substantiated. That really appealed to me. For instance, the emotional checking account. That is such a powerful image of client goodwill, and it really had me thinking: how do I want to interact with my clients?

Motion5 works on a deeper level. You first need to make the client’s question clear, before thinking about your offer. The client is central in everything you do. And it’s just a lot of fun; we have really lively sessions! …”

Most important results?

  • A higher level of questioning. Personally I am very concerned with the types of questions we pose, it has you thinking about: what is it I want to know? Don’t pose questions that implicitly already contain your answer. Checking: that was a real eye-opener. Moving away from assumptions. And above all: how you can make an impact!
  • Better ideas through shared knowledge. On a team level, sharing knowledge has been really helpful. Structure helps us to better consider our clients together. Using SPORTSMAN¬© during sector meetings is now standard procedure. It helps us to learn from each other and we come up with far better ideas!
  • Having more guts with our clients. Just by asking really explicit questions. Like: ‘Hey, given the choice, would you go into business with us or not?’ I can do that, because I now know more about my clients, and have a better understanding of what they want. I now also get feedback from clients, that what I do makes sense. This gives a whole new meaning to ‘having a connection with your client.’ Look, I can have a drink and a good time with anyone. But here, it’s about being sure that if somewhere in the client organization our proposal is rejected, I’m given a second chance when I call.
  • The extra mile with Motion5. Working with Motion5 is a good fit for clients who really want to undertake an investigative journey together, who want to know how they can get ahead. Motion5 is very capable of offering a fitting solution for that.


Board Room Credibility (CORE), SPORTSMAN, Lead2Contract.

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