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Sales is a broad concept.

With a lot of different topics. We productized our most important services to create a clear overview. You can also do the quickscan.

This directly shows which of our solutions are relevant for you.

Organizational scan

It’s much easier to determine the right commercial roadmap if you know exactly where your organization stands.


Making optimal use of opportunities in the market and making the right decisions based on a highly predictable forecast. That can only be accomplished with a smart commercial process for opportunity management. From the moment your customer is still a lead, to delivering a contract.

CORE Case Analysis (CCA)

Customers don’t need prescription glasses; they need (a) clear vision. They don’t want a drill; they want a painting on the wall. With CCA you translate product features into actual value propositions.


On average, 60-80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. These customers deserve to be cherished. COACH for strategic account management helps you manage the accounts that mean most to you.


Every account once started out as an opportunity. SPORTSMAN® is a smart tool for qualifying, analyzing and winning these opportunities.

CORE Selling Skills

Sales is craft, an art almost. CORE Selling Skills teaches you the tricks of the trade.

Leadership Unplugged

To stand out in the current challenging market, organizations need the focus that leaders can offer. This leadership program is created specifically for the leader’s of larger teams and organizations and will support your management in
creating successful teams, a clear mission and becoming
well versed in the art of conflict resolution.

Enhanced Professional Attitude (EPA)

Sustainable change requires a change in behavior.

Indeed, it requires an adapted mindset.