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Enhanced Professional Attitude

Sustainable change requires a change in behavior.

Indeed, it requires an adapted mindset.

Leading by example

It’s a tricky thing, convincing someone to change their behavior. But you CAN enable people to think differently. By making them aware of their talents and mindset and by simply showing them that a successful common mindset works.


The Enhanced Professional Attitude Program

A well-set example will inspire following. That’s why we invest in frontrunners. Change agents, who bring people along in the change needed. They do that by working together as a team and making smart decisions.


The Rules of Engangement

This begins with clear regulation of the way we collaborate. Motion5 uses a powerful set of tools: the Rules of Engagement. This is a behavioral code we co-create with the customer organization. These Rules of Engagement aren’t just tailored to the commercial strategy, but also in line with the organization’s core values.


Intensive 2-day training program

In a two-day training program we challenge people to work according to this code, in hands-on and complex cases. We purposefully increase the pressure during those cases, because it’s especially important to be able to perform as a team in those situations.


A behavioral code

In what situations can we hold each other accountable? By giving concrete answers to practical questions, we create a healthy en effective a feedback culture. The behavioral code becomes the organization’s conscience. That has a huge impact. Not just at an individual or team level, but also on your commercial results.


Why Enhanced Professional Attitude?

  • Significant impact on the organization
  • Increased cooperativeness
  • Increased effectiveness in decision making
  • Development of a measurable performance culture
  • Working on a healthy feedback culture