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Leadership Unplugged

To stand out in the current challenging market, organizations need the focus that leaders can offer. This leadership program is created specifically for the leader’s of larger teams and organizations and will support your management in
creating successful teams, a clear mission and becoming
well versed in the art of conflict resolution.

No-fuss leadership program

The constant factor in every organization is change. Change can only be lasting if we think about its impact in the long term. So, not just what it brings about today, but rather, one year from now. That is the task of a leader.

Renaat Vermeulen is such a leader. For years he was president of a large multinational, with an annual revenue of €700 million. But, he began his career as a nurse. How he climbed to a top position? By applying five leadership principles continually and consistently.

Not on his own, but with a team.


The 5 principles of Leadership

Motion5 developed the Leadership Unplugged program, with Renaat Vermeulen, based on these 5 principles:

  1. Purpose
  2. Team
  3. Attitude
  4. Discipline
  5. Anticipation.

Why Unplugged? Because it’s a no-fuss program, with proven lessons based on best practices and many years of experience.


A clear mission

This begins with a clear mission (purpose) by the organization. What is it, and more importantly, does everyone know this mission? And does everyone know how they can practically contribute to it? From a shared idea of that vision, you continue to build the future.


Leadership training with real, high pressure cases

As a leader you facilitate this process. And with that, being a leader is no longer a rank or position, but a choice. In a two-day training, we challenge leaders to apply these five principles. In practice-oriented and complex cases. We make sure the pressure is high in these cases. Because it is important to perform as a leader, especially at those moments.


Why Leadership Unplugged?

An experience-based, no-fuss leadership course to better your performance as a leader.

  • Build a successful team
  • Work passionately from a clear mission
  • Implement the preconditions for success: focus, dedication and hard work
  • Anticipate conflict before it escalates
  • Experience the power of a feedback culture