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Organizational scan

It’s much easier to determine the right commercial roadmap if you know exactly where your organization stands.

The big picture

An organizational scan provides a complete picture of the organization. How do employees and customers, from their various positions, view the organization? And what really is the present-day status, from a perspective of commercial excellence? It is an analysis of the current status, but also provides a plan for the future.


The Organizational Scan

The scan begins with an online survey for a number of important stakeholders. We select those together. Our knowledge broadens through a series of interviews. We compile our results into several clear conclusions and sharp recommendations.


The road to commercial excellence

But the outcome of the organizational scan goes beyond that. It’s a concrete and integral roadmap for the future. A roadmap that takes your organization to commercial excellence. We provide this feedback to all those involved in the form of an interactive workshop, to ensure that everyone gets behind it.


Because a change has far more impact when all teams are on board. That’s why we involve people right from the start. That way they take ownership in the process of change.


Why an organizational scan?

  • Get a complete picture of the current organization
  • Work on a concrete commercial roadmap to the future
  • Improve commercial results with an integral approach
  • Gain insight into quick-wins and existing Best Practices
  • Create management commitment and ownership