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SPORTSMAN for smart sales

Every account once started out as an opportunity. SPORTSMAN® is a smart tool for qualifying, analyzing and winning these opportunities.

Opportunity management

Managing opportunities is a costly affair—something you handle with care. SPORTSMAN® is a compact tool for building the strategy to win those opportunities. It is based on the 9 most important Best Practices in sales. SPORTSMAN® helps you ask the right questions, at the right time in the commercial process.


More than a SALES Tool

The right sales people

You also need to have the right people involved, who all speak the same language and have a clear working method. Not just in sales, but employees in other (non)commercial functions too. That is why setting up and implementing a clear opportunity management process is always part of the program.


A shared reality

The tool divides the complex reality of an opportunity into small pieces of information. This makes it easier to come to a common view, and to determine what is necessary to make the next step in the sales cycle.


The only tool you’ll ever need for Sales

In a challenging market, SPORTSMAN® offers a clear overview of the chances ahead. So you can make better choices and focus on the opportunities with the most potential. By focusing on the right opportunities, you will increase your hit rate. One of the most important effects? The tool improves cross-functional collaboration.



  • Increase your hit rate
  • Increase the predictability of your business and results
  • Set your business apart with creative commercial actions
  • Increase revenue, productivity and market share
  • Implement a tool and an underlying process