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From strategy to action!

Organizations don’t move by themselves. It takes people to do that — they are essential to change. Commercial excellence and successful change depend on multiple elements. That’s why we always look at the bigger picture.

Integral approach to Commercial Excellence

A good organization is more than the sum of its parts. How much more? That depends on the way those components are attuned to one another. This is why we believe in an integral approach to commercial excellence.

A Commercial Program for tangible results

A complete commercial program to improve the separate components and connect them in a smart way, setting the entire organization in motion and achieving tangible results. The 5 in our name refers to the five elements we consider necessary for that process.

strategy and vision, process and structure, skills, mindset and leadership

1. Strategy & vision

An organization requires focus. An ambitious goal to consider our shared responsibility. In order to achieve our goal, we need a clear strategy. Motion5 validates that strategy. And more importantly: we make sure that everyone knows what the commercial goals of your organization mean, in terms of their day-to-day work and how they can contribute.

2. Process & structure

With the right commercial set-up, you can reach your goals much more easily. From Lead Generation to Contract Management, in a customer-driven commercial process, you recognize exactly who to involve when. Your organization needs smart tools to manage the market, your accounts and opportunities. We will help set up the entire process with the appropriate tools. When it comes to commercial excellence, we use proven Best Practices that build on your organization’s strengths.

3. Skills

In order to achieve your goal, you need the right skills. Skilled people who fit the organization you want to create. We believe that everyone has talents worth developing. With our programs, we help your current employees realize their full potential to create teams that fit your ambition.

4. Mindset

No matter how good your processes and structures are, it’s people that make organizations successful. Engaged employees, who not only CAN, but WANT to change. This calls for inspiration and exemplary behavior, by people who show them how it’s done. We get to work with a group of enthusiastic Change Agents who radiate commercial excellence to those around them. That way, more and more people will take ownership of the change.

5. Leadership

We don’t believe in instant success. Change is a continuous process that calls for sustainable implementation and leadership. Together, we will get the organization ready for the future—by making sure the organization can do it by itself. This is no longer about design, but about action. Every day, in the workplace.