Beyond Two-Day Storms: Progressive Learning in Organizational Training

In today's fast-paced corporate world, how we approach training often mirrors the intensity of a heavy downpour—short, intense bursts that overwhelm and fade away quickly. Many organizations continue to hold onto the old practice of two-day training sessions, like a quick flood of information that comes and goes just as fast.


Change your Perspective of Training

However, a different, more sustainable approach is a symbolic shift from the heavy downpour to a gradual, nurturing rain under the sun. Imagine a sunny day with occasional, gentle showers. This imagery paints a different picture of skill development and changing behaviors—a slow, consistent approach focusing on continuous learning and practical application.


Give Knowledge Time to Grow

This gentler approach highlights the importance of allowing knowledge to grow slowly, akin to rainwater gently nurturing the seeds of understanding. Instead of bombarding employees with heaps of information over a brief period, this method encourages a steady learning journey, letting ideas take root and grow over time.


Transform Knowledge into Behavioral Change

Contrary to the sporadic intensity of a downpour, the gentle rain signifies regular but manageable interactions and practical implementation of learning. It promotes an environment where individuals can apply and refine their newfound knowledge between sessions, fostering continuous improvement, skill development, and behavioral change.


Change needs Guidance

Strong leadership is at the core of this approach—similar to the guiding sunlight. Dedicated coaching and support provide the necessary direction for growth. Like how sunlight fuels the growth of plants, leadership guidance nurtures the steady development of skills and knowledge among employees.


Seed, Nurture, and Flourish your Talent

It's time to evaluate the effectiveness of training methodologies. Companies can foster lasting growth and development by cultivating an environment that nurtures continuous learning, practical application, and dedicated mentorship. So, let's shift away from the two-day-storm-approach and embrace the gentle rain under the sun so that organizations will find the seeds of success, allowing knowledge and skills to flourish and drive meaningful, long-lasting change within their teams and across the organizational landscape, ultimately yielding a substantial return on investment.


Peter Rademakers, Founder Motion5


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