Decoding Commercial Excellence

Motion5 presents findings from their ongoing research into Commercial Excellence after conducting 50 detailed reviews across sectors like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Logistics, and IT. The research is part of a continuous effort to update their insights every six months.


This whitepaper outlines the initial findings, showing how international organizations approach commercial excellence and identifying strengths and areas needing improvement. It introduces five levels of commercial maturity, from basic (Organic) to advanced (Self-Learning), and provides average scores across various commercial excellence topics, indicating that most areas are still developing towards the ideal benchmark of greater than 3.5.


Key observations include the importance of solid leadership and selling skills, the need for a growth-oriented mindset, challenges in creating compelling value propositions and consistent lead generation, the necessity of optimizing the sales process, and significant opportunities for improvement in account management and negotiation skills. The paper emphasizes the potential for strategic enhancements in commercial and business strategies to drive growth and ensure sustainability.


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We are a commercial change partner that helps organizations achieve commercial excellence by driving sustainable growth and cultivating a customer state of mind. We provide a comprehensive and realistic strategy that seamlessly integrates all facets of change, ensuring your journey to success is as effective as it is enlightening.

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