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We will help you drive sustainable growth and achieve your ambitions with our tailor-made, modular programs in Commercial Excellence. Our approach emphasizes outstanding customer value while achieving a 20% productivity improvement and boosting profitability.

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Companies Overestimate the Willingness to Change

Agility and resilience are crucial to success in fast-paced B2B (business-to-business) sales. And yet, companies pay less attention to the psychology of change than to system and process changes. Less than 10% of investments in change processes go to mindset and attitude changes, while more than 90% go to training and licenses for systems and tools. This oversight often leads to disappointing outcomes.

Beyond Processes: A Holistic Approach to Change

Overlooking the human side of change breeds resistance and hinders the potential for impactful behavioral shifts. Something essential for better performance and long-term growth. Motion5's strategy for organizational change aims to do more than change how people work; it will change how people think. From simple transformations to a complete overhaul of your commercial organization, powered by the Motion5 Model of Change©. We recognize the need for a comprehensive approach that embraces both the tangible and intangible elements of change, essential for thriving in today's unstable business environment.

Our Expertise

Change Management

Navigate the changing business landscape quickly and confidently using our strategic change management solutions. Be the first in your organization to embrace change and stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of commerce. Do you want to learn more about change management and how we lead organizations into seamless transitions and sustained success?

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Leadership is an adventure that combines inspiration, teamwork, and impactful evolution. Our program promotes continuous growth, integrating customer focus and a positive team environment to overcome challenges. Do you want to learn more about Leadership and discover how we turn challenges into opportunities?

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Learning & Development

At Motion5, we believe in unlocking people's potential through continuous learning and development. We encourage progressive learning, combining diverse methods for impactful knowledge retention and application. Do you want to know more about our vision for the future of learning and development?

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The Motion5 O+KAM program has started transforming how we do things—changed our thinking. We created consistent thinking in one business unit or role across our entire selling organization. By highlighting the 'need' and gradually building the rationale and logic, we brought the hearts and minds of our sellers to Opportunity and Key Account Management by adopting a structured, systematic approach to our most significant opportunities. We value working with Motion5 

Gary Lancaster

Senior Commercial Director Smith & Nephew – UKI & Nordics Cluster

Motion5 elevated our sales approach at P&O Ferrymasters, providing clarity in tasks and responsibilities, emphasizing commercial targets, and fostering a results-driven mindset. With strategic investments and increased ambition, we've shifted from reactive to proactive market entry. A common language and CRM structure expanded our view beyond divisions, nurturing deeper client relationships and unlocking new business possibilities." 

Bas Belder

Managing Director, P&O Ferry Masters Ltd

Motion5 had an innovative, tailor-made approach—solutions that were not simply copied from other cases. They ensured that our people understood that collaborating and participating in the project was the best choice and benefited both their local organization and the group.

Renaat Vermeulen

President EMEA of Zimmer Biomet

Motion5 isn't pushing any products. They keep their eye on the specific assignment they were asked to do. They are always focused on high-end sales. They're not just a training agency holding four sessions, handing out a binder, and wishing you good luck. Motion5 is concrete and works quickly. 

Michiel Krouwer

Manager Achmea Intermediaire Regie

Motion5's collaboration with ICL France has demystified the CRM tool, enabling a personalized approach for customers and distributors, leading to effective cross-selling at controlled sales costs. ICL France appreciates Motion5's team's language fluency, cultural alignment, and detailed understanding. Successful lead generation campaigns validated the project's efficacy, highlighting Motion5's engagement expertise with field personnel. 

Didier Moncel

Country Manager France of ICL SF

Motion5 embodies structure, professionalism, and dedication. We were impressed by their seasoned grasp of sales processes and their systematic market approach. Motion5 provides unequivocal statements and takes decisive actions. Their commitment to achieving shared goals is palpable, creating a collaborative dynamic transcending their external status. 

Bas Nederlof

Former Director Sales & Marketing of Sectra Imaging IT Benelux & DACH

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We are a commercial change partner that helps organizations achieve commercial excellence by driving sustainable growth and cultivating a customer state of mind. We provide a comprehensive and realistic strategy that seamlessly integrates all facets of change, ensuring your journey to success is as effective as it is enlightening.

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